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From São Paulo to London, from Brasília to Chicago, whether by air, sea or land, Zoommpet stands out for the quality of service, providing a highly trained and dedicated team and also for the constant search for the best alternatives in international transport, always aiming at the integrity and well-being of your best friend.



We are committed to the quality of our services and we always seek to offer the best option, both in transit times and in terms of quality/price. Your pet companion will be transported with great care and affection, and in an instant will be by your side again.

and sea

Quarantine FOR export

Collection at origin and delivery at destination anywhere in the world

Pre and post
trip advice

Travel Documentation (including International Veterinary Certificate)

Manufacture of boxes ACCORDING to international RULES

Having questions or difficulties in issuing CITES* for your pet companions?
With ZooMMpet you will have all the assistance and ease for issuing and obtaining all CITES* you need.

* CITES – Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

My "best friend" want to travel...

What do I need to do?


Want to expand your bird export business? Does the country where you want to transport your dog or cat require quarantine at origin? Do you want to import your reptile?

Our Zoommpet has its own facilities for the quarantine of birds for export, mammals and reptiles to the whole world, duly certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, through DGAV - GENERAL DIVISION OF FOOD AND VETERINARY.

With the registration of Commercial Operator and Receiving Operator you can import, export and market live animals.

Have you ever thought about having as a pet an exotic bird, a dog or a cat to be your eternal friend? with the help of Zoommpet, you will be able to acquire your future partner with all tranquility, legality and security.


Thanks to the Zoommpet team, especially @gelferreira, our felines arrived in London safe and comfortable. I have no words to thank you for all the care with the cats and especially with me! Transporting our puppies is not an easy task (logistics and emotional), but thanks to @gelferreira everything got easier! Thank you so much to everyone involved!

Joana Sampaio
Mãe dos felinos Chico e Gal, que viajaram de Lisboa à Londres (Setembro/2019).

A big thank you to this wonderful Zoommpet team. This was an experience that I will never forget because the love, care and attention they had for me and my furry Cristal played a very special role in my life and in the life of my Cristal. They were attentive, dedicated, responsible, from the moment they picked her up in Itajaí/SC until Portugal. They were always helpful, polite and attentive. Thanks for everything!

Mãe da Cristal, que viajou de Itajaí para Lisboa (Setembro/2019).

A huge thanks to Zoommpet Portugal, who handled the entire transfer of our dogs from the United States, as local contact and transfer agents. Communication was timely and extremely kind; Leland and McDuff were so relieved for their trip, and we were thrilled to have been treated so kindly. Thank you

Jill Graper
Mãe de Leland e McDuff, que viajaram de Washington para Lisboa (Novembro/2019).

I loved all the care they took! I was worried, but they arrived super well at my parents' house! I highly recommend!

Nicolle Bermudes
Mãe de Kitty, Neusa, Mel e Athena, vindos de São Paulo para Ílhavo (Maio/2019).

Congradulations to everyone involved!

Paula Palmieri
Mãe de rottweiler Ursa, vinda de Lisboa para São Paulo (Maio/2019).

Thank you for all the love and attention!!! You really love what you do and you do it with love. Thank you for not only taking great care of him, but also letting me know every detail of what was happening! The best without a doubt, thank you!

Yasmim Martins
Mãe do Tonny, vindo de São Paulo para Lisboa (Maio/2019).

Great service…I just have to thank Zoommpet and the professionals who work there (both in SP and in Portugal). Mel, Butt and Nutella traveled and had excellent service!

Silvio Renato de Assis
Pai de Mel, Butt e Nutella, vindos de São Paulo para Lisboa (Julho/2019).

Your attention and professionalism were essential to bring us peace of mind throughout the planning of the trip and during the trip itself. Congrats Thank you very much!

Alexandre Mendes
Pai de Lolita, vinda de Lisboa para Londres (Abril/2019).

Muito obrigada a todos vocês queridos por tudo ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Estou muito feliz!

Yasmin Mendler
Mãe do Lilo, que viajou de Lisboa para São Paulo (Setembro/2021).

Thank you so much. We couldn’t be happier.

Colleen King
Mãe do Dutch, que viajou de Atlanta para Lisboa (Abril/2021).

Obrigado por nos juntar a nossa família. Miaaaau 😻💙

Carolina Leo Bons
Mãe do Gaspar, Ghost, João e Maria , que viajaram do Rio de Janeiro para o Porto (Janeiro/2021).

😍😍😍😍 Meu filhote amado! Obrigada por todo cuidado pessoal!

Isadora Cintra
Mãe do Enzo, que viajou de Lisboa para Guarulhos (Janeiro/2021).

A etapa foi longa… 😅 Mas o que vale é que o Tobby chegou e foi bem entregue a esta nova família. Obrigada!

Helena Lucas Morais
Mãe do Tobby, que viajou de Lisboa para Angola (Março/2022).

Zoommpet is an associate member of the following global research organizations
international transport and also live animals


Our Zoommpet is proud to have the support of partners who share its philosophy, animal welfare above all


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